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SUN, NOV 29th at 7 pm.
"le fils de l'autre"
PG-13. 2012 · Drama · 1h 45m.
In French, Hebrew and Arabic With English subtitles.

This is the story of two families separated by a wall of war, different in everything, life, religion, beliefs, but are close to one another more than they can ever imagine. The Jewish family discover that their son (Joseph) has a blood group type different from his parents, so his father (Alon) can think of only two explanations: either his wife (Orith) has cheated on him, or the boy is not their son. Meanwhile a family doctor made a research and found that in that year when Orith had delivered her baby 18 years ago a raid hit that hospital, and in the panic of trying to escape and save the infants, the babies were switched by mistake. The problem is that the other baby lives on the other side of the wall, a Muslim from a Palestine family. The film tells the story of how these two families deal with this news, and how from being enemies they need to become a family.